Bus Driver Training - 2 Days Training

Today the road safety and service level of buses/coaches continue to be a challenge especially in Uganda due to a number of factors, including driver indiscipline, vehicles in poor mechanical condition, weaknesses in the enforcement of Traffic laws and regulations, information, and comprehensive bus schedule. The drivers and owners are not trained; they lack knowledge about the industry. Their main focus is making money not service delivery. Couple with these, there is no regulatory body that is competent to check and advise on the status of the buses/coaches.

Course Overview and Content

Course Overview

Our bus driver training will help drivers make better, more informed decisions in every aspect of driving.

This 2 days training is developed to provide insight knowledge to the drivers, safety aspect use of drugs and alcohol and by the end of the training, participants must demonstrate the ability to perform their job efficiently and effectively.

Course Content

  • What are expected of a driver?
  • ¬†Overview
  • Is Appearance and presentation everything?
  1. What is appearance?
  2. What is presentation?
  • Business definition
  • Who are our customers
  • Important of customer care
  • Barriers to customer care
  • Definition
  • Identification of beviours that affect drivers performance/soft skills
  • Definition
  • Understanding the concept of defensive driving
  • Gain an understanding of vehicles handling characteristics such as:- over steering under steering, traction and speed to promote vehicle optimum performance
  • Recognizing other driving techniques and their adverse effects
  • Pre- Inspection
  • Post- inspection
  • Plan Maintenance Program/Scheduled Maintenance
  • Unplan Maintenance (Repairs)
  • Definition
  • Use of drug and alcohol
  • Effect of drug and alcohol use
  • Why is bus a target?
  • Mobility of buses as a deterrent and mitigation response
  • Intruder response; What if the intruder makes it on the bus?
  • Response difference as to activate shooter vs. hostage taker vs. robbery

Learning Objective

The course objective is to help to be aware of causes of road accident and drive defensibly to avoid road collision, injuries and accident.

Who is to benefit

  • Bus Drivers
  • Bus Owners
  • Finance Controller
  • Transport/ Fleet Managers
  • Transport Officers
  • Bus Mechanic