Driver & Vehicle Control Skills Course

The course is designed to enable drivers:

  • Appreciate the concept of defensive driving with a view to adapting it to our road conditions and environment, for reduced traffic incidents or accidents
  • Recognize the importance of responsibility, information processing and mental state, and their impact on driving
  • Manage road stress and fatigue
  • Acquire hazard perception and response skills to enhance road safety
  • Gain an understanding of vehicle handling characteristics like over steer, under steer, traction & speed to promote vehicle optimum performance

Benefits of driver Training

  • Increased road safety awareness for drivers
  • Reduced traffic violations and accidents
  • Improved corporate image to the public
  • Reduced vehicle wear and tear providing a high resale value
  • Reduced fleet fuel & maintenance costs due to better driving
  • Enhanced understanding of vehicle handling characteristics and control skills that promote an organizational safety culture