Fleet Operations & Safety Management Course – 2 Days

The course focuses on imparting in-depth knowledge and skills to: enhance driver productivity, increase vehicle availability and utilization for optimum vehicle use, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, and mitigate road incidents (and accidents) through enhanced driving and the use of safe vehicle control skills.

The course is to meet the needs of:

  • Logisticians and transport supervisors involved in managing fleets
  • Those involved in managing fleets, part-time, like Administrators, Human Resource personnel yet have wide responsibilities for the fleet
  • Employees who have some experience in fleet operations and are involved in fleets undergoing significant change

Benefits of the Course

  • Fuel cost control through purchase, measuring and monitoring of fuel use
  • Use of effective driver supervision techniques that increase productivity and enhance road safety through close monitoring of driver activities and behaviour
  • Reduced road risk (and less accidents) by acquiring the know-how of carrying out risk assessments from time to time
  • Monitoring and control of fleet maintenance costs by using proven preventive maintenance systems that increase vehicle availability and reliability, and lessen the need for repair
  • Enhanced understanding of vehicle handling characteristics, control skills and driving techniques that promote an organizational safety culture, as well as fleet cost reduction.