Graduate Training in Procurement Audit

We provide career guidance and training to University Graduates in the area of Procurement Audit. The training is two-fold; theory and practical.

Theory lessons are classroom based and takes a period of 1-2 months, 6 hours a week. The teaching method is based on case studies, simulations, lectures, videos and field references.

Practical lessons are purely hands on audit practice where students are involved in real audit work assignments alongside audit officers or audit teams in the field. The number of students attached per institution depends on the size of the Organisation being audited and the type of audit being undertaken.

The practical lessons vary in duration from one, two or three months depending on the magnitude of the assignment. An assessment is done for final pass-out.


All students are subjected to both pre and post training assessment; pre-training assessment is to basically determine the student capacity in relation to procurement and logistics management. Whereas the post-training evaluation is done to determine the level of understanding of the subject matter in procurement audit.

Post-training evaluation will be both theory and practical. A student will be subjected to a 3 hour written evaluation and a practical audit of an institution. The student is required to undertake a full audit and submit in all the required reports.

Required Qualifications;

  • Fresh University graduates with qualifications in Procurement and Logistics Management or any other business related field.
  • Any student or person with a qualification in CIPS or those already practicing procurement.