Most companies are now considering the use of contingent workforce rather than build in-house capabilities. Traditionally, procurement sees cost saving opportunity within workforce management, while the HR function perceives it as a talent opportunity. A well-managed contingent workforce is a considerable asset as it provides an organisation with the ability to utilise resources that are flexible, skilled and dynamic.

Legacy Logistics provides a third party contingent workforce services that are flexible and custom configured to meet your specific needs. We provide a range of highly qualified and skilled contingent workforce in procurement, stores management, park yards, IT, sales, among others.

Some of the benefits that you can gain from contingent workforce include:

We are a training company in the field of procurement, creating purposeful, interesting and innovative training, which makes a difference to the professionals we engage with. And since our emphasis is on competence development and helping you achieve value for your monies, we train your staff to what is required for their roles … using hands-on, world-class content and courses.

Programme Aim

The aim of this course is to provide participants with:

  • Knowledge of what rules and procedures govern public procurement and why they exist
  • The capability to plan, implement and evaluate a procurement process appropriate to the value/risk of the category being procured
  • An introduction to the different aspects of the procurement/ Supply Function and the work
Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the principles driving the procurement function, procurement process, and the role of procurement strategy
  • Understand what rules and procedures apply to public procurement
  • Appreciate the relevance of these rules and understand why they exist
  • Practice ethics and integrity in procurement
  • Conduct procurement planning and sourcing
  • Be familiar with writing specifications and effective terms of reference (TOR)
  • Choose appropriate procurement methods (RFQ, ITB, RFP)
  • Select advertisement method and type of competition
  • Understand do’s and don’ts when drafting bidding documents
  • Invite and evaluate bids and proposals

Presentations by practitioners and experts, discussions and exercises/case studies

Course Assessments

Multiple choices and open questions of which 70% must be correctly answered.

Programme Topics
  • Procurement/ Supply Function
  • Recognized International Procurement Principles
  • Procurement Ethics and Compliance
  • Establishing Procurement Strategies through Category Management
  • Requisitions
  • Sourcing
  • Evaluation of Suppliers
  • Competitive Bidding Process
  • Long Term Arrangements
  • Contracts Review Committee
  • Contracts Management
  • Filing and File Close-Out Activities
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Complaint Handling Process
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Order Processing
  • Shipping and Freight Forwarding
  • In Country Logistics
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Capacity Development for Supply Chain Management
Target Audience

The Introduction to Procurement Workshop has been designed for new staff in the supply function, interested in gaining a comprehensive overview of public procurement. It is also relevant to staff who have worked in the function for some time but have not previously undertaken formal training.

Additionally, staff in functions that include close interaction with procurement, such as programme and project staff who would like a closer understanding of procurement would find this course relevant. The course is offered in English.

Procurement Capacity Assessment

This is an audit over view of the general functionality or the working knowledge of the people involved in procurement or handling procurement related works or any other persons in a role related to use of funds and has direct impact on procurement in order to ensure there’s value for money. Several departments are considered; Procurement, Accounts, and Logistics among others. The overall risk assessment shall be rated in the categories of high, medium and low and then recommendations shall be given accordingly. While assessing much focus is drawn to areas like organisation and staffing, procurement policies and procedures in place to delivery or execution point taking note of all the documentations used plus the parties involved.

We also review the capacity of implementing partners in handling procurement efficiently.

Development of Procurement Procedures & Documentations

The most important part of procurement is in the area of Procedures, Documentations, and Reporting because for anything to start or arise, a document must be drawn and report issued. This shows how procurement is a central part of an organisation that must be handled carefully and by people who know what to do lest value for money is lost. LLA helps you develop this complex Documents where they don’t exist and Reports used throughout the procurement cycle.


Procurement Planning, Implementation, Documentations and Contracts Management

We assess adequacy of procurement systems in as far as procurement planning, implementation and monitoring and documentation are concerned.

Procurement being the heart of an organisation, managing cross functional roles and cutting across every department, it is very essential that the responsible team be equipped on how to optimally handle the process at every level.

Pre-Qualification of Suppliers

Pre-qualification is a part of Market Research whereby suppliers of particular goods, services or works are assessed against pre-determined qualification criteria, and only those suppliers who comply with the criteria are invited to tender. A pre-qualification of suppliers will ensure that bids are only received from suppliers which are able to comply with the Organization’s requirements.

We shall handle this process for you so you can concentrate on your core value.

Why Do it for You

  • Saves time spent on non-core objectives
  • The complexity of the procurement
  • The available staff may not be knowledgeable or equipped enough.

Our duty here will be to work closely with your procurement/purchasing department based on the procurement plan and the purchasing requisitions raised to come up with a pre-qualification notice on the most recommended media preferably Newspapers stipulating the different categories to pre-qualify for and the necessary requirements, and then;

  • Bid receiving
  • Bid evaluation and
  • Making ready the final list of the best bidders
  • Writing reports to different parties .i.e. Procurement, Management/Board

Procurement Outsourcing

Today companies are faced with increasing pressures to cut costs and maximize efficiencies in their business processes or activities that are non-core or peripheral to organisational scope. Organisations are therefore looking for innovative ways to get work done more efficiently at lower costs through Business Process Outsourcing.

Procurement is a prime area for business process outsourcing. While it can contribute to the strategic objectives of a firm, Procurement is a non-core function in most corporate companies with the need to minimise impact on profitability while maintaining service levels and compliance. More so it is also a cost centre and not a profit centre; not to mention its rather complex and time consuming nature.

Companies are now considering procurement outsourcing rather than build in-house procurement capabilities to take advantage of latest procurement strategies, expertise, market leverage, flexibility and efficiency without affecting their bottom line and service levels.

Legacy Logistics provides Procurement outsourcing services that are flexible and custom configured to meet your specific needs. We provide a range of solutions from end-to-end procurement outsourcing to point solutions like category management, vendor management, prequalification, supplier audits, negotiations, contract/order management, spend analysis, sourcing support, tracking & compliance.

Some of the benefits that you can gain from Procurement outsourcing include:

  • Cost reduction from headcount, training, office space and computerization
  • Market leverage allowing for better discounts
  • Marketing knowledge of which suppliers are best for various product categories
  • Better management information and purchasing analysis.
  • Negotiation by an expert in the field is often more effective and profitable.
  • Save time and resources which allows the organization to focus on other areas that increase value and strategic focus.


Our philosophy here is crystal clear; match the right people to the right jobs, and support our recruits with the tools and skills they need so that they can focus on contributing to our clients’ success because retention is the key to driving your costs down and revenues up.

Our recruiting process engages candidates and clients resulting in increased satisfaction. We have a team of experienced recruiters who use a thorough review and skills assessment process that ensures we connect our clients with top talent.

We can help you recruit for a wide range of professional and managerial roles

Typical assignments include:

  • Procurement Managers and officers
  • Transport / Logistics Managers
  • Depot / Hub Managers
  • Transport Engineers
  • Operations Managers
  • HSE Managers
  • Warehousing Managers
  • Professional Drivers.


Step One

Take a full job brief and ‘person specification’ including details of role, type of person etc.

Step Two

Search our extensive database for suitable candidates.

Step Three

Advertise (as appropriate)

Step Four

Interview and reference all candidates (and carry out competence assessments, license and medical history checks etc as appropriate, all to ISO 9001 standards)

Step Five

Match candidates to your specific requirements and provide you with a written short list.

Step Six

Brief candidates about the job, ensuring their interest and commitment.

Step Seven

Arrange an interview programme at a time to suit you

Step Eight

Liaise between you and each candidate through to job offer, acceptance and commencement on your payroll

Full range of driving and non-driving staff available.

Some people think of Legacy Drivers and immediately think of lorry drivers. But there’s much more to us than that.

First of all, we provide different types of drivers, from chauffeurs to bus drivers, light vans to articulated lorries.

In addition, as Uganda’s leading recruitment firm specializing in the transport and logistics sector, Legacy also has many years of experience in finding staff for organisations in many other roles.

We provide a full range of driving and non-driving skills to meet your needs in every situation.

Driving: Cat. C+E, Cat. C, PSV, 7.5 tonnes, Vans, Cars, Fork Lift

Non-driving logistics staff: Warehouse Operatives, Pickers/Packers, etc

Professional / Managers: Logistics Co-ordinators, Transport Managers, Procurement officers, etc

Legacy can provide people to fulfill all your temporary staffing requirements and help to optimise the smooth running of your organisation.

When you ask us to supply temporary staff we will:

Step One

Take a full job brief and ‘person specification’ from you, details of role, type of person, license requirements, vehicle type etc

Step Two

Search our extensive database for suitable candidates  all referenced, competency assessed, license and medical history checked.

Step Three

Match those candidates to your specific requirements.

Step Four

Brief candidates about the specifics of the assignment in accordance with your own HSE and working practices.

Step Five

Conduct an appraisal at the end of the assignment to ensure our compliance and your satisfaction.

Whatever time of the day or night you call us, we will tell you if we have someone available within 30 minutes.

Your organisation can save money by using temporary labour supplied by Legacy.


At Legacy we make things easy for you. We have the necessary capacity to either empower your managers and staff to optimally run your warehouse or we run it on your behalf professionally and using state of the art technology. The in-house staff designated for this function are very professional, up-to-date and highly motivated since we do empower them regularly to meet the market demand and competition.

We will make your strategic and operational decisions easy. Have you been wondering whether;

  • A warehouse can be owned, rented or leased, or some combination of these?
  • A warehouse function can be outsourced – contracted to a third party?
  • An organisation can install new materials handling equipment or continue to hire more labour?

Strategic or operational, Legacy will help lessen your load by taking some of this heat off your shoulders so you can concentrate on your core competencies.

Need a third party to run your warehouse?

Why Third Party

  • Our staffs are very professional and highly motivated
  • We offer our staffs refresher trainings bi-annually and other trainings as and when the client has opportunity to concentrate on their core competencies.
  • The risks of operation are shared between the vendor and the client.
  • There is high focus on the productivity, service and efficiency.

Training in Warehousing Operations

The training we offer is all round ranging from the operators to the managers including any persons whose duties cut across or is affected by the functions of stores and warehouse operations in an organization.

We cover among other aspects;

  • Warehouse operations-Movements, Storage and Information transfer
  • Decision criteria for stores and warehousing types
  • Creative solutions- empowering the managers to think beyond the ordinary

The training function stretches to;

  • Induction of new stores and warehouse staffs
  • Refresher trainings on any stores and warehousing functionality
  • Materials Handling Equipment Operator training
  • Stores and warehouse Stocktaking and Audits

Sign up for training or request for quotation for a corporate package here.

Legacy has a hired driver service that will safely drive you to all places of your choice. This opportunity offers you an alternative to traditional transportation. We will drive you and your family members or guests in the safety and comfort of your own car to and from the airport, Broadway event, or evening out on the town.

All of our driver candidates have a minimum of 8 years experience with English as their first language or as their second language. We also have an unparalleled retention rate of over 90%.

Why this Service:

Travel days are busy enough without having to factor in getting to your destination. Schedule our service and we will take the stress out of your travel. Once you try us, you’ll never go back to traditional car services.

Avoid the high-cost of airport parking.

By choosing Legacy driver for your airport ground transportation needs there will be no waiting for a parking lot shuttle with your family or business colleagues. You won’t have to drag luggage through a stadium-sized parking lot.  After you have landed, you will not pay what adds up to big bucks for “economy” parking.

Maximize your time when traveling for business.

When you let us handle the driving responsibilities, you can always catch up on paperwork, contact colleagues during the ride or simply rest. Our professional drivers will make sure that your trip is safe, comfortable and stress free.

We would also be more than happy to accommodate you or your business associates traveling into or out of any of the areas public or private destinations.

Our door to door hire a driver service will save you time and increase your productivity since we’ll pick you up at your door and take you to a place of your choice.

Our designated driver service will keep you safe.

With us you can always go out have fun and get home safe. We will keep you safe and worry free. Simply make arrangements with us in advance. Remember drunk driving or driving under the influence of alcohol is no option under the law.

Traveling with children is safe, affordable and easy.

Let us help you when you are traveling with your children. Travel days with your children are busy enough without having to factor bringing and installing your children’s car seats in a taxi or shuttle.

How much easier is it if you could have your vehicle with your child’s car seat safely installed, with your entertainment system, and an extra hand getting luggage in and out of the car.

This service is easy and affordable and is with trusted drivers who undergo background checks and are service oriented. Try us out, you’ll never go back.

A Few of the Ways We Can Help.

  • Doctor’s appointments and therapy sessions
  • Visits with friends and family
  • Religious services, lectures, plays, concerts
  • Special family events (weddings, birthdays, graduations, reunions, etc.)
  • Drop off or pickup dry cleaning
  • Pickup prescriptions
  • Grocery shopping

The service charge is dependent on time consumed, and we prefer at least a 24-hour notice. We can provide service for a single event, or on a regular schedule, seven days a week including holidays.

Let us take your students to school.

Our professional driver will drive your son or daughter to school. Or just pack the car with personal belongings and let your child fly while we drive the car to campus.

How is it Made Possible

  • Scheduling is based on your specific needs.
  • We offer convenient door-to-door pickup and delivery.
  • The price we quote will be the true total, with no additional costs.

We NEVER broker out your vehicle

A professional driver will pick you up right away the time you want to travel after the order is placed or made available.

Every trip is priced on an individual basis. Our base price includes the driver, food, and motel should the journey take more than a day.

Having your own personal hired driver is as simple as the steps listed below;

  • Book your ride with our automated online reservations or by phone on +256 414 698 675.
  • On the day of your ride our driver will drive his car to your location, home, office or any predetermined location. He will assist you with loading your luggage. Then you will be driven in your car to the airport or your finale destination.
  • Upon arrival, our driver will deliver your car back to the pickup location and handle the keys as instructed by you. The day of your return our driver will pick your car up and meet you at the airport, station or location of your request. Your hired driver will then drive you back to you final destination.

Driver Rates.

See how affordable it is to hire a driver to drive you in your own car. Legacy is always cheaper and better than a taxi. Our Hire a driver service is safe, affordable and convenient. Enjoy the luxury and safety of being driven in your own car with rates that are about half the cost of a limo.


  • Driver Tipping & Gratuity- We always strive to give excellent service and gratuities are appreciated.
  • Customer pays for gas & tolls.
  • Non-airport trips are billed differently.
  • Early Morning Surcharge (Midnight to 6:00 AM) attract a special rate.
  • Holiday Surcharge – A holiday surcharge will be charged for all trips occurring on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Easter Eve, Easter Day, Martyr’s Day, Idi Day, and Labor Day. This additional surcharge will be added to compensate the driver.
  • Extra Stop charge- May incur an additional fee and up. An extra stop is not to be confused with separate and additional passengers.
  • To avoid a full charge for service, you must cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to reservation time.
  • We are available nights and weekends 24/7

Mail Us


+256 414 698 675


Legacy Logistics Associates
P.O Box 237, Kampala Plot 1,
Old Kampala Road, Chicken House 2nd Floor-Suite 18
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