Strategic Fleet Management Course – 2 Days

Course Overview The course focuses on key strategy & policy areas dealing with the vehicle, driver and fleet systems, and how they interface to effectively reduce fleet costs, enhance road safety, and optimize vehicle performance and utilization. It also provides a basis to develop an effective fleet strategic business plan, procedures and practices in tandem with current industry standards. The course is designed with the concerns of the following target group in mind:

  • Fleet Managers or other managers in logistics and procurement who are directly involved in fleet policy & strategy
  • Logistics or Fleet Managers, whose fleets are undergoing considerable changes like down-sizing and rationalizing the fleet, integrating fleets from different vehicle suppliers and or even significantly changing the fleet operations and allocation.

Course topics

The course is designed to provide participants with a working knowledge on:

  • Vehicle selection and acquisition
  • Fuel procurement, cost and performance evaluation
  • Finance options and vehicle life cycle costing analysis
  • Disposal and replacement cycles
  • Fleet Insurance and accident management
  • Impact of a Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) on management reporting and analysis
  • Fleet Motor vehicle policy and writing documentation