Tractor Loader Backhoe Operators - 2 Days Training

As an employer in a construction site or road transport environment, you should already be aware of your obligation to make sure your tractor loader backhoe operators received training. But are you aware of the full wages of sin if you do not train your operator? Without even considering the human costs, the financial consequences of an accident involving a backhoe arising from inadequate training of the operator can include:

  • Damage to expensive industrial equipment
  • Costs to replace merchandise being transported
  • Damage to infrastructure and facilities, burring of staff, other vehicles, electrical systems
  • Tripling or quadrupling of insurance premiums

Course Content

  • Fundamentals safety equipment characteristics
  • Demonstrate backhoe operation
  • Operator roles & responsibilities
  • Maintenance & care

Learning Objectives

This course will help operators make better, more informed decisions in every aspect of Tractor Loader Backhoe operation. The results of this learning process are improved:

  • Knowledge and Conscientious Attitude
  • Maintenance Habits
  • Safety Awareness
  • Productivity

Who is to benefit

  • Backhoe Operators
  • Workshop Managers/Supervisors
  • New backhoe Operators